April 16, 2016


AKARA Offering Bowls - The Creation

We began the process of conceptualizing the AKARA Offering Bowls in August 2015. Looking through the ancient texts, we saw that the masters always talked about using precious metals in offerings. Realizing that none of the offering bowls nowadays are made with all the precious metals mentioned, we collected the five most commonly mentioned precious metals to make the unique set of offering bowls.

Through blessings from the masters, someone presented to us copper ore from the exact place where the Lama Norlha (the form of Guru Rinpoche as the King of All Wealth Deities) was revealed. Another one of the monks who was involved in the restoration of the renowned Swoyambunath Stupa, gave us some pieces of the old "tree of life" (Tib. sok-shing) from within the stupa.

All these we have combined to make this special set of offering bowls for all practitioners, so that you can share in the merit!

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