November 09, 2016


How to Play the Damaru

The damaru is an important element of ritual practice particularly for the mahayoga tradition of sadhana practice. Together with the vajra and bell, the damaru (hand drum) should be used by the practitioner during different stages of sadhana practice. It is taught that the beautiful and melodious sounds of chanting combined together with the bell and drum will increase inspiration, faith and devotion and thus the blessing of the mandala deities will more swiftly appear for the practitioner.

In tantric practice, all phenomena are to be considered pure and sacred since beginingless time. The sounds of the ritual hand drum aid the practitioner in summoning the wisdom of this basic purity that all sights, sounds and knowing are the three mandalas of the deities enlightened body, speech and mind.

This video is an explanation by Lama Sherab Dorje about the significance of the hand damaru and the way to hold and play the damaru.

Lama Sherab Dorje is one of the senior monks from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. He has served the monastery as their main chant master, and is also extremely knowledgeable about Vajrayana rituals. He has taught during the annual Sadhana Ritual Courses held by the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation.

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