About us

Akara means “mine of jewels” in Pali, one of the earliest known languages in which the Buddha’s teachings were written. Since its conception in 2006, the Akara Collection maintains its original vision to create products of authenticity for the benefit beings.

Many of the items we create and select support Dharma practice. Buddhist practice is not only about meditation, it is also interwoven with prayer, visualization, recitation and ritual. Each of these aspects have physical supports like the mala, the thangka, the statue, incense and offerings. Akara ensures that all practice-related items are created and designed in accordance with the tradition and scripture.

The Akara Collection also features lifestyle items that carry the beauty and blessings of the land of the Buddha. Our endeavor is to support both Buddhist practitioners and spiritual seekers; feeding the spirit and inspiring the mind.

Akara implements a socially-conscious model that provides income for craftspeople striving to preserve their culture while making a fair living. Furthermore, Akara’s profits support the Dharma as well as humanitarian projects. In this way, all customers generate merit!