Vajrakilaya Thangka

Thangkas – paintings of deities - are traditionally painted on canvas and used as the main support to meditation practice. Reproduced on long-lasting canvas, these thangkas are of such high quality that at first glance they appear painted. You can choose to have your printed thangkas framed in brocade in the traditional Tibetan style or without brocade, allowing you to choose how it will be displayed.

Vajrakilaya, the wrathful transformation of the deity Vajrasattva, is a wrathful heruka famed as the most powerful deity for dispelling obstacles. One of the eight Kagyé (Eight Great Sadhana Teachings) deities, he is an embodiment of the buddhas’ enlightened activity, destroying the forces hostile to compassion and purifying the spiritual pollution so prevalent in this age.

This particular thangka is associated with the Vajrakilaya practice from one of the profound treasures of the great treasure revealer Chokgyur Lingpa known as the Triple Cycle of the Secret Essence (Sangtik Korsum), which contains a complete set of practices for Vajrakilaya, Vajrasattva, and Yangdak Heruka; the three principal yidams of Guru Rinpoche. 

    Dimensions: 45.7 cm by 61.0 cm (printed canvas only)

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