Medicine Buddha Thangka

Thangkas – paintings of deities - are traditionally painted on canvas and used as the main support to meditation practice. Reproduced on long-lasting canvas, these thangkas are of such high quality that at first glance they appear painted. You can choose to have your printed thangkas framed in brocade in the traditional Tibetan style or without brocade, allowing you to choose how it will be displayed.

Medicine Buddha, the embodiment of healing power, manifested specifically to relieve the physical and mental illnesses plaguing beings. Many aeons ago, before he became perfectly enlightened and was a bodhisattva on the path, he made twelve great aspirations, which are taught in the Medicine Buddha Sutra. In particular, he aspired that he be able to heal all beings’ physical sufferings and mental illnesses, and relieve them from the sufferings of hunger, thirst, and destitution. When later on, through his practice he reached enlightenment, his supreme aspirations were fulfilled and he became endowed with the power to help heal and dispel those sufferings. Therefore, for those suffering from various temporary or critical illnesses, the practice of Medicine Buddha is extremely relevant and beneficial.

    Dimensions: 30.5 cm by 40.5 cm (printed canvas only)

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