Vajrakilaya Ritual Phurbas

These Vajrakilaya phurbas are genuinely precious because they are made by the finest craftsman in exact accordance to Chokgyur Lingpa’s revealed Vajrakilaya Tantra treasure from nine kinds of metals, as prescribed by Padmasambhava. Furthermore, these phurbas incorporate numerous sublime blessings in the form of over three thousand relics painstakingly collected and passed down through all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Each phurba is adorned with a black scarf, mustard seed, and frankincense that is famed for being able to prevent harm from spirits. Each phurba can effectively remove our outer, inner, and secret hindrances.

Once your kilaya dagger is consecrated, it should be regarded as Vajrakilaya in actuality and hence worthy of your respect and regular offerings. Therefore, please note that it is not permissible to put the phurba in your hand to play or use as weapon to harm any sentient beings. The easiest way to care for your phurba is to keep it upright in a phurba stand on your altar or on a shelf.

A phurba has different functions, namely :

Recitation phurba: Support for Vajrakilaya practice, to be kept on the shrine

Activity phurba: For performing various activities during development stage practice, e.g. liberation offering during feast (tsok) offerings.

Protection: For carrying around to protect oneself from harmful obstacles

Available in 4 sizes for different functions :

  • 10-inch, 3-face Phurba, normally used as a recitation phurba
  • 8-inch, 3-face Phurba, normally used as a recitation phurba
  • 5-inch phurba, normally used as an activity phurba
  • 3-inch phurba, normally carried around for protection

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