Amrita and Rakta Skullcups

For practices of the Inner Tantras, one needs the inner offerings of amrita, rakta and torma. Amrita purifies anger, rakta purifies desire and torma purifies ignorance.  These inner offerings are a profound way to rid ourselves of our ordinary dualistic fixation, especially between that which is pure and impure. Inner offerings are skilful means in order for us to realise non-dualistic wisdom and the primordial purity of all phenomena.

To hold the amrita and rakta, we have made beautifully handcrafted and finished skull-shaped cups with the correct characteristics.  These skullcups are a support for our visualisation during our practice. We also included the proper amrita and rakta spoons. The amrita spoon is marked with a turquoise stone and the rakta with a red coral stone.

Dimensions: 13 cm (height from base to tip of skullcup)

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