The Inseparable Refuge Jewels

For practitioners of Vajrayana, there are specific items from which one should not be separated. In Tibetan, these items are called ‘dralpang’;  ‘dral’ meaning ‘separate’ and ‘pang’ meaning ‘to abandon’ or ‘not to do’, and they  differ according to one’s levels of practice. Guru Rinpoche, appearing in a pure vision, advised the great treasure revealer Chokgyur Lingpa on the specific items needed by someone who has taken refuge, a Mahayoga practitioner, an Atiyoga practitioner and so forth.

For those who have taken refuge, Guru Rinpoche advised that one always carry the representations of enlightened body, speech and mind of the Buddhas; respectively a Buddha statue, dharma text and stupa.  We have made available a miniature set of these inseparable three that is convenient to carry for modern day practitioners.

The Buddha statue that is included is crafted according to the original Indian style, and hand-made using traditional Newari methods in Nepal. The inseparable Dharma text here is the Heart Sutra. In the stupa, the representation of the enlightened mind, special blessings have been included.

Dimensions : 6.5 cm height (stupa), 7 cm height (statue), 9.5 cm length (text)

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