Refuge Tree (Taklung Kagyu) Thangka

Thangkas – paintings of deities - are traditionally painted on canvas and used as the main support to meditation practice. Reproduced on long-lasting canvas, these thangkas are of such high quality that at first glance they appear painted. You can choose to have your printed thangkas framed in brocade in the traditional Tibetan style or without brocade, allowing you to choose how it will be displayed.

The Taklung Kagyu, a sub-sect of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism was founded by Taklung Thangpa Tashi Pal in 1180 CE. The Taklung Lineage emphasises Mahamudra practices in particular. Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche is one of the throne-holders of the Riwoche Taklung Kagyu Lineage. This particular thangka depicts the refuge tree associated with the Preliminary Practices (ngöndrö) of the lineage of Taklung Kagyu.


Small - 30.5 cm by 40.5 cm (printed canvas only)

Large - 45.7 cm by 61.0 cm (printed canvas only)

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