External Offering Substance

In the Buddhist tradition, it is usual to offer eight different outer offerings to the Three Jewels including three water offerings. The offerings are (from left to right as one faces the shrine) (1) pure water for drinking, (2) water for washing the feet, (3) flowers, (4) incense to please the sense of smell, (5) an oil or butter lamp, or candle, (6) perfumed water, and (7) delicious food for the honored guests. The Tibetan food offering usually consists of a red or white offering torma. An eighth offering of music is traditionally included in the list, represented by cymbals or a conch.

In accordance with traditional texts, there are specific substances to add into the three different water offerings of drinking water, washing/bathing water and perfumed water. To preserve the tradition of making and offering these substances as taught by the great masters, we have made available these three different substances in a convenient set. One only needs to add a few grains into the water every day.

Dimensions of each container : 1.5 cm (diameter); 2.5 cm (height)

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