Lotus Bowl

In Nepali tradition, copper tableware is widely used for its beneficial properties. Similarly in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it is said that we should make our offerings in vessels made from copper, silver or gold. 

This bowl is hand-hammered by producers in Palpa, Nepal using basic tools. Shaped like a lotus, it represents the purity of our offerings. The number of petals - eight - also have special significance in Buddhism, such as the Eight-fold Noble Path, eight auspicious symbols, eight auspicious substances and so forth. 

As a ritual item, we recommend using this bowl for feast offering (tsok in Tibetan, ganachakra in Sanskrit). Alternatively, you can also use this around the house, to serve as a subtle reminder of Buddha's teaching in your daily life.

Dimensions: 17.5 cm (diameter); 7 cm (height)

Note:  The product(s) you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade.

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