Long-Life Arrow

This arrow is the main tool for magnetizing accomplishments in long life and wealth practices. As such, to have a good quality arrow made according to the ancient instructions is very important.

The arrow itself represents skillful means and the feather at one of the extremes symbolizes wisdom. The five-colored cloth ribbons, stand ultimately for the five wisdoms, but can also be seen as the five Buddha families and the five elements.

We have made the shaft out of bamboo grown in sacred places such as Chimey Jangchub, Tashi Ding and Shivapuri. The arrow also has the five metals - iron for the base of the arrowhead, white metal for the tip of the arrowhead, copper for the nock, and some parts are gold or silver plated. The arrow is also beautifully adorned with a silver mirror, Tibetan turquoise and other precious beads as recommended in the traditional texts. 

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