Lama Norlha Thangka

Thangkas – paintings of deities - are traditionally painted on canvas and used as the main support to meditation practice. Reproduced on long-lasting canvas, these thangkas are of such high quality that at first glance they appear painted. You can choose to have your printed thangkas framed in brocade in the traditional Tibetan style or without brocade, allowing you to choose how it will be displayed.

Lama Norlha (also known as Dzambhala) is a deity specifically associated with wealth and prosperity. Within the mandala of Lamey Tukdrub Barchey Künsel (Guru’s Heart Practice, Dispeller of All Obstacles) from the Profound Treasures of Chokgyur Lingpa, Guru Rinpoche manifests in the form of this wealth deity. This manifestation is known as Kyechok Tsulzang.

The bestower of supreme wishes and accomplishments, Kyechok Tsulzang resides over a retinue of wealth deities from the four enlightened families of Vajra, Jewel, Lotus, and Karma. Moreover, he is the embodiment of all the three roots of guru, yidams, and dakinis and hence renowned as the wishfulfilling jewel. 

Guru Rinpoche taught that whoever makes a genuine connection with Kyechok Tsulzang and engages in this practice will be blessed externally with material wealth and comfort, internally with the wealth of happiness, good health, and longevity, and secretly with the ultimate wealth of the wisdom that realizes emptiness.

    Dimensions: 30.5 cm by 40.5 cm (printed canvas only)

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