Chod Damaru

Chöd is the practice of “Severance” or “Cutting Through” made well-known by the famous female practitioner, Machig Labdrön.

Attaining realization through cutting through ego-clinging
Not abandoning others through compassion

These two lines embody the entire meaning of this profound practice. Firstly, Chöd practitioners aim to realize enlightenment by severing deluded self-clinging, realizing the emptiness of all phenomena. At the same time, the practitioners strive to perfect devotion and compassion, by offering all they have to the gods, protectors and all other beings.

To do this practice, one would need a Chöd damaru and a bone trumpet. These damarus within our collection have been hand-picked by a senior lama from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. The insides of the drums have mantras hand-written in gold ink by monks from the same monastery. Each drum also has a decorative tail hand-sewn with care, and a girdle decorated with small conch shells following the Tibetan tradition. To care for the drums, we have included a brocade cover in which to store each drum.

Dimensions: approximately 21-23 cm (diameter)

Watch Chöd practice being done at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery

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