Supreme Ritual Vase

Ritual vases are used extensively in Vajrayana rituals. Generally, they are used to contain the cleansing water to purify outer, inner and feast offerings. In particular, for certain practices like VajrasattvaNgakso or Jangchok, which have a vase accomplishment section, the ritual vase is indispensable.

This ritual vase has unique features as ascribed in the texts. On top, the symbols for the five families of the enlightened ones are carved in the correct positions, with the Buddha family in the middle, surrounded by the Vajra, Ratna, Padma and Karma family clockwise. On the body of the vase, the "Face of Majesty" or Kirtimukha is beautifully hand-carved by our master artisan in Kathmandu, Nepal. On top of our copper ritual vase is the bumdro, made of peacock feathers. The feathers symbolize overcoming all negativities, just like a peacock is able to consume poisons without being harmed. 

One should put clean water into the ritual vase together with the 25-fold vase substance (available as part of the Vajrasattva Yidam Practice Substance Set). 


Vase : 16.5 cm (height); 6 cm (diameter)

Feather : 28 cm (length); 12 cm (width)

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