Vessels of Auspiciousness Sang Burner (Traditional Design)

Even though the practice of sang offering has become increasingly popular, there has been little concern about the vessel in which the sang is offered. Yet the vessel is very important as it is where we present our offerings to all those worthy praise–Buddhas, bodhisattvas, guardians, and so forth– as well as show our respect, love and care for all of them. This vessel follows the traditional shape that was used widely in Tibet and is still currently used in all the monasteries and sacred places. It is made of one of the five metals and decorated with guardian spirits and auspicious symbols.

It is mentioned in several texts that the sang vessel can be made out of any of the five metals (gold, silver, copper, iron, white metal). We have chosen copper as it provides the best value for money. For the design, in each of the four directions we have placed one of the four animals which are our guardian spirits according to Guru Rinpoche, and which should not actually be separate from us. The snow lion and the tiger represents the earth element, and the dragon and the garuda represents the sky element.

We have also placed a swastika surrounded by the sun, moon, stars and jewels. The sun signifies that during the day, all auspiciousness shines like the sun. The moon indicates that at night, all is auspicious like the glow of the moon. The stars symbolize that auspiciousness is ever present in the sky. The jewels fulfill all wishes and, at the spiritual level, represents both skillful means and wisdom.

Dimensions: 9 cm (height) x 8 cm (width)


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