Vajra Claw

This extraordinary Vajra Claw pendant contains four sacred dharanis (mantras and chants), each of which has extraordinary blessings and benefits mentioned by Buddha himself. The four dharanis are the Avalokiteshvara dharani, the Noble Dharani of Averting Harm from Others, the Noble King of the Family Mantras and the Vajra Claw.

These four dharanis have been printed, laminated and sealed in a silver case. We have also included the All-Gathering Blessing Pill from Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche which contains many blessings from many great masters. Simply by wearing the pendant many obstacles, illnesses, and harmful influences will be averted, and one will experience many other benefits as well. The dharanis and blessings can help reduce illnesses and so on that are due to one’s own negative karma and counteract illnesses and harm from external conditions.

Please remember that while these dharanis can help reduce obstacles in your life, in order to be liberated from samsara, you must continue to accumulate merit through virtuous deeds and develop wisdom through diligent practice.

Dimensions: 3 cm (height); 3 cm (width); 0.7 cm (thickness)

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