Vajra and Bell Ring

This ring is specially designed in-house at Akara and made by one of our Newari artisans here in Nepal. Uniquely combining both the vajra and bell, it has many levels of meaning and symbolism.

These rings are designed with a modern touch so that it can be worn by anyone who wishes to subtly connect to Buddhism. The ring is made from the following five metals which have healing properties when worn against the skin.

  1. Gold helps energize the physical body.
  2. Silver helps give clarity of mind.
  3. Copper helps in promoting the healing of wounds.
  4. Brass boosts the body's immune system and attracts health.
  5. Zinc helps support protein synthesis, wound healing, cell division and normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence.

A genuine Vajrayana practitioner is rarely separated from these powerful meditative and ritual symbols, as they are one of the samaya items that the practitioner should never be without. The vajra symbolizes the indestructible quality of our intrinsic nature. It also represents skillful means and primordial self-awakening. The bell symbolizes wisdom and also the true natural resonance of dharmata

Rings can be custom made in any size within 2-3 weeks. 



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