Sheldam Nyingjang

This edition of the Sheldam Nyingjang (Essence Manual of Oral Instructions) is very special, as it is based on the frist Chokgyur Lingpa's own manuscript, which had been directly decoded from the original dakini script. Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche recently used Chokgyur Lingpa's manuscript as his reference text in order to publish a revised edition, which he printed in large numbers.  This precious edition is the one we too have chosen to publish in the present volume.

The first volume of the current edition of the Chokling Tsersar solely includes the Sheldam Nyingjang and a brief historical account.  The text itself presents many ellipses and incomplete sentences.  The revised edition that we have now printed is not only complete, it includes many other important Chokling Tersar texts.

First of all, the volume features the cycle of the Four Deities who Dispel Obstacles, from the Tukdrub Barché Kunsel (The Guru's Heart Practice, Dispeller of All Obstacles).  There are four deities, who respectively dispel the outer, inner, secret and veil obstacles. The deity who dispels the outer obstacles is Tara, for inner obstacles, it's Acala (Miyowa); for secret obstacles, Vajrapani (Sangdak Dorje Bechön); and for general veil obstacles, Bhurkumkuta (Mewa Tsekpa).

The volume moreover includes these other Tukdrub Barché Kunsel termas: the Extensive Activity (Trinlé Gyepa) - which includes the Seven Preliminary Practices (Ngöndro Chödün), the Seven Main Practices (Ngöshyi Chödün), and the Seven Ensuing Practices (Jeki Chödün) - the Daily Recitation Practice (Dzab Khöljang), the Lineage Supplication (Gyüpé Soldeb) and the Essential Activity (Trinlé Nyingpo).  Each of these texts is a treasure trove of prayers and practices.  For instance, the Seven Ensuing Practices alone include Feast Offerings, Auspiciousness prayers and so on. 

All of these are terma texts, which were taught by Guru Rinpoche and written down in dakini script on parchment paper by Yeshe Tsogyal, who then hid them as treasures.  The dakini script manuscripts were revealed, decoded, and copies down in Tibetan by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Chokgyur Lingpa and other such great masters.  Thus these texts were not composed by these masters, but they are actual discovered treasures or termas.  

Finally, the volume also includes a historical account of the Sheldam Nyingjang and texts related to blessing and empowerment rituals.  It also includes the sadhana for the Five Tseringma Sisters (Tsering Ché-nga), and supplication to Guru Rinpoche by Jamgon Kongtrul and Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo.  Thus, the Sheldam Nyingjang constitutes about two thirds of the entire volume, while the other texts take up the last third.

In the Sheldam Nyingjang, Guru Rinpoche declared :

"I, Uddiyana, relying on other tantras, scriptures and pith instructions, but not basing myself on other masters' commentaries only, have taken the quintessence of all these teachings into the bindu of my wisdom mind. I taught it from the state of the basic space of phenomena, in a way that is not contradictory to the tantras and is in accord with the scriptures. It is connected to my own experience and pith instructions. It is a unique Treasure among all Treasures hidden in the Tibetan soil. When revealed, it will benefit Tibet, the teachings and all sentient beings. All wishes will be fulfilled."

Then, having bestowed the Treasure teaching, he said:

"This Treasure has unsurpassable benefits. It is a great treasury of wish-fulfilling jewels. Just having it under the ground, seeing it, decoding the dakini script, and propagating it in the world is extremely powerful and beneficial. I, Uddiyana, will at all times care for anyone who has obtained the empowerments, transmissions, pith instructions or even just a little bit of explanations. I will guard you, protect you and bless you. Wherever the text is placed, all dakas, dakinis will gather. Times of conflict, famine, illness and all outer, inner and secret obstacles will be pacified. If you can practice just a little, you will obtain the supreme and common siddhis without a doubt. Whoever sees this text will be purified of all karma and obscurations that would lead to a rebirth in the lower realms. Having heard a little bit of this teaching, you will gain experience. If you just reflect on the Sheldam Nyingjang, you will receive blessings, and your compassion and wisdom will increase. If you practice meditation, you will swiftly have results.

Therefore, having a connection to this text is extremely precious. If not impeded by broken samayas, the Sheldam Nyingjang will become the chief among all teachings. In Tibet and Kham, and wherever else in the world, it will bring benefit and happiness for a very long time."

So these are the benefits that Guru Rinpoche cited.

"If you have a very strong connection with it, you will obtain the supreme siddhis. If you have a weak connection, you will obtain the common siddhis. Whoever hears it will purify the misdeeds he committed over eons. Just contemplating it a bit will bring experience. If you really meditate on it, you will accomplish the rainbow body in this lifetime. So this is a great path I am showing you. I am giving you a precious jewel, do not look anywhere else for something better, this is it. Do not look for other instructions, take refuge in other Buddhas, or be distracted by other pith instructions. Remain one-pointed on this practice. If you follow this advice, you will definitely get siddhis".

"Wherever the text is, that place will become Vajra Akaniṣṭha, Guru Rinpoche's pure land. Buddhas, bodhisattvas and vidyādharas will bless you in an uninterrupted lineage. Ḍākas, ḍākinīs will all be magnetized like gathering clouds. Dharma protectors will serve you. If you obtain the empowerments and keep the samayas, you will effortlessly gain supreme 

and common siddhis in this lifetime.

"I, Padmasambhava, never lie, therefore, give up your doubts and practice. Just one supplication per day will dispel your obstacles for that day. All your wishes will be fulfilled. If you perform approach and accomplishment, all of this life's obstacles will be pacified. In the next life, you will be reborn in a pure land as a vidyādhara, close to me and among all the ḍākas and ḍākinīs. You will meet with me, and ultimately reach awakening. In the short term, it is powerful, auspicious and full of blessings, and brings bliss. Whatever I told you, Yeshe Tsogyal, do not forget, keep it in mind, write it down and hide it as a Treasure."

Kyabgon Phakchok Rinpoche will personally add blessings and gold powder to this text. The ink used to print it was mixed with the relics of the Buddha and sixty bodhisattvas; dusts of five precious metals (gold, silver, copper, vaidurya, onyx, turquoise, ruby); precious sacred medicine, and many other blessed substances from Tulku Orgyen Rinpoche, Dudjom Rinpoche, Penor Rinpoche, Khyentse Rinpoche. 

Dimension 10.5 X 9 X 17 CM. (Height X Width X Length)

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