Hundred Substances Sang Powder with Dzi Stone

The practice of Sangchö (cleansing smoke offering) has been widespread throughout Tibet and Asia for countries. Renowned as an excellent and easy method to accumulate merit and create auspicious circumstances, it is often performed at the beginning of important events, or by many as a daily practice.

In order to practice sangchö in the correct way, one needs the authentic substances to be combined with the power of the mantra (or prayer) and the samadhi (or meditation). For the substances, the texts specify that one needs to gather 108 different ingredients made up of various medicinal plants, herbs, precious and semi-precious metals and stones, and specific ritual substances. However, in these modern times, such attention to fine detail is slowly deteriorating. To enable the authentic and genuine practice to continue, Rinpoche has kindly amassed all these 108 ingredients. Additionally, this batch contains authentic dzi stone ground into a powder which is mixed with the powder of the other 108 ingredients. The dzi stone is an extremely precious and prized type of jewelry in Tibetan culture.

The cleansing smoke offering is both an offering to our objects of refuge as well as an act of great generosity to all infinite sentient beings. As a result, we can gather vast accumulations of merit that, by making this smoke offering, will ripen in the shorter term as an abundance of temporary goodness and bliss, and ultimately as perfect enlightenment, the state of true happiness.

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