Guru Dewa Chenpo Statue (Medium)

Guru of Great Bliss, also known as Guru Dewa Chenpo (in Tibetan) or Mahasukha (in Sanskrit) is one of the Secret Root Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche. It was he who, in this degenerate age, upheld the teachings of the sutra and tantra in their entirety and made them flourish far and wide.

Guru Rinpoche taught:

Practicing Guru Dewa Chenpo will dispel all temporary mental suffering, heart-lung, heart-pain, insanity, wild thoughts, agitation and dullness, blankness, and blockages of the channels and winds. Through this practice, one’s body and mind will become blissful, and the channels, winds, and essences will flourish. One will gather enjoyments and riches, have a large retinue, auspicious circumstances, be free from illness, and enjoy a long life. One will attain the primordial wisdom of ultimate great bliss and become perfectly enlightened in the lotus net of Akanishta.

The clay used to make this precious statue is not just ordinary earth;  it contains precious soils from sacred sites, medicinal pills, precious blessing pills, relics and precious substances.


Statue - 4.5 cm (height) x 3 cm (width)


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