Damaru ( Hand Drum)

The damaru (or small hand drum) is used widely in Tibetan Buddhism, in particular for Inner Tantric practices. In essence, it is the nature of wisdom and functions to magnetize the mamos (wrathful female deities) and dakinis to enhance your practice. Our authentic damarus have special mantras for the dakas and dakinis written on the inside wooden base, written by the monks from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery.

Listen to the sound of our damarus here:



In the Nyingma tradition, drums are placed flat on one side (male side facing upwards), while in the Sarma tradition, drums are placed on their edge. The female side for our damarus are marked with a black dot on the rim of the damaru.

The letter HŪM atop a sun disc gathers back all of the buddha’s blessings

And transforms into a drum, the nature of wisdom,

Resounding with the sound of the unborn.

It magnetizes the mamos and dākinīs and

Fulfils the activity of invoking their heart samaya.


– Fivefold Consecration, Guru’s Heart Practice, Dispeller of All Obstacles


11.5 – 12.5 cm (width) 12 – 13 cm (height)

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