Supreme Blessings Incense

Offering incense has great benefits: it delights the deities; dispels negative influences and spirits; and helps gather food and wealth, purify evil deeds, perfect the accumulations, and purify discipline. Moreover, incense acts as an offering to the objects of refuge, as blessings and purification for oneself, and also as liberation-through-smell for others.

Bhutanese incense is famed in the Himalayas, because the best kinds of herbs for material grow in the mountainous regions of this country. Also, it was and is still believed that due to the pure blessings of the land, these herbs also have high spiritual quality. This Supreme Blessings is produced in collaboration with well-known Bhutanese incense manufacturer (Drizang Kunkhyab). Rinpoche gave them special blessings which they then mixed with more than 30 kinds of substances – such as saffron, juniper, honey, licorice, nutmeg, cinnamon.

Dimensions: 22 cm (length)


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