Silver Mala Counters

It is taught that if the correct characteristics of the vajra and bell, as taught in the tantras, are complete there is great merit. These pure silver mala counters have been carefully crafted and possess as many of the correct characteristics as their small size allows, including the tinkling sound of the bell when it is shaken.

In order to keep count of the number of one’s mantra recitations, counters can be added to a mala. Traditionally, these are made with vajras (signifying skilful means) and bells (signifying wisdom). For Vajrayana practitioners, the vajra and bell are samaya substances, and thus we have a commitment not to be separated from them.  In daily life we cannot always keep the actual large vajra and bell with us.  Therefore, to carry a small vajra and bell with us on our mala at all times is very beneficial.

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