Ratna Jewels Incense

Offering incense has great benefits: it delights the deities; dispels negative influences and spirits; and helps gather food and wealth, purify evil deeds, perfect the accumulations, and purify discipline. Moreover, incense acts as an offering to the objects of refuge, as blessings and purification for oneself, and also as liberation-through-smell for others.

At dawn, or early in the morning, before smelling any other scent, light this incense and offer it first to the Three Jewels (buddha, dharma, and sangha) and Three Roots (guru, yidam, and dakini). Then imagine that you receive the siddhis (or accomplishments) from the remaining part of the incense smoke which is indivisible from the objects of refuge. If you can you may then cover your head with a cloth and breathe in the incense smoke in deeply, allowing it to be absorbed into your entire body through all your pores.

This will continuously help protect you from all harmful influences and obstacle makers. In particular, it will help protect you against transmittable diseases. The incense is also very beneficial for the relaxation of mind and body, as a room freshener, or for simply restoring clarity to the senses.

Dimensions: 20.5 cm (approximate length)


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