Udumvara Turquoise Pendant

Turquoise is considered an auspicious stone in the Himalayas for it’s spiritual and healing quality and is viewed as a sky stone. Children in the Himalayas are given a piece of Turquoise as it is believed to protect them from falling. 

“Gyu” pronounced “yu” in Tibetan is given as a token of love in the Himalayas. The colors of the the “yu” will change accordingly with the wearers state of mind and body. The gradual shift of the turquoise’s color from blue to green signifies the development of wisdom as well as the cycle of life.

Each piece is different from the other as they are all individually hand crafted by our Newari Artisans. 

Udumvara is the name of a rare and precious mystical blue lotus whose buds form when a Buddha miraculously appears in the world, blossoms when he attains enlightenment, and withers when he achieves parinirvana.

Every piece in the collection is hand crafted by artisans in the Sacred Valley of Kathmandu. A three petalled lotus is carved on each piece touching you and reminding you to cherish where you are at present, bringing your mind home and aspiring never to be apart from the three jewels, the three roots, and the three kayas. 

Materials: Turquoise and Solid Gold


1 - Height - 2.7 cm, Width - 2 cm

2 - Height - 2.5 cm, Width - 1.8 cm

3 - Height - 2.6 cm, Width - 1.7 cm


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