Travel Shrine Set

In modern times, many of us travel frequently for work and pleasure, making it challenging for us to maintain our Dharma practice authentically. In order to help practitioners, we have designed and commissioned a miniature shrine set which is convenient to carry on our travels. The set consist of box shrine holding a statue, a set of seven offering bowls, an incense holder and a drawer to keep incense sticks in. There are four statues to choose from -  Buddha Shakyamuni, Amitabha Buddha, Guru Rinpoche and Tara. The box opens conveniently outwards, and you can place the offering bowls and the incense offering on the inner cover, which is decorated with a double vajra.

In this way, we can continuously make offerings to the enlightened ones wherever we go and the shrine also serves as a continuous reminder for our Dharma practice.

Dimensions: 26 cm (length); 14 cm (height); 6.4 cm (depth)

Please mention the statue you prefer when you place the order.

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