Three Magnetizing Jewels

The practice of Kurukulle is widespread throughout Tibetan Buddhism and in particular within the New Treasures of Chokgyur Lingpa. Practicing Kurukulle improves our relationship with our families, in our work, and with our friends. Kurukulle helps us accomplish our worldly activities by enhancing the love and support surrounding us, removing poverty and unhappiness. Ultimately the practice of Kurukulle leads one to liberation through great compassion for all beings.

Due to its vast benefits, we have specially commissioned a set of items related to Kurukulle practice :

  1. Magnetizing through sight

We have carefully scanned a Kurukulle thangka commissioned by Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche and printed it in the form of a postcard. Below the image, we have the Kurukulle mantra. We also have a Kurukulle statue in accordance with the Chokling Tersar lineage. The statue is made of oxidized copper and has been consecrated.

  1. Magnetizing through mantra

As Kurukulle is a magnetizing practice, using a red mala made of precious or semi-precious materials is most effective. We have specially ordered a red carnaline mala, which is a semi-precious stone.

  1. Magnetizing through wearing

This specially designed pendant encapsulates all the symbols related to Kurukulle – the lotus, hook, bow and arrow and shackles. This pendant is made of pure 925 silver and coated with 18K white gold.


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