Supreme Jewel of Enlightenment

More than two thousand years ago, Buddha Shakyamuni appeared in this world and expounded his realisation in order to help all sentient beings achieve the ultimate bliss and happiness of enlightenment. The Lord Buddha’s great collection of teachings are contained within 102 volumes of Kangyur: the vast and profound teachings on the view, meditation, conduct, and fruition of the different vehicles to enlightenment, as well as sutras to dispel obstacles; that help bring about long life and prosperity; that grant protection from all sorts of outer and inner harm; that help bring auspiciousness and increase our merit and wisdom.

For this reason, traditionally it is considered a great source of merit to keep the 102 volumes of the Kangyur on your shrine or on your person as a support for your practice, be it taking refuge, doing prostrations, making offerings or meditating. For the benefit of beings of this degenerate age, we have put the entire scanned Kangyur into a small memory card or drive and sealed it in a silver pendant.

We’ve made the pendants in different designs (1) In the shape of a traditional text for placing on your altar and (2) one for hanging in your house, office, or car. As followers of the Buddha who have faith in his teachings, the Buddha’s speech has extraordinary blessings and power. Therefore, if we can keep the entire Kangyur on our body or at our home as an object of offering, homage, and accumulation of merit, there are immeasurable benefits.

Dimensions :

Altar (Traditional text) 4.5 cm (length);  2 cm (height)

Car hanging (Eight Auspicious Symbols) 7 cm (length)


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