Eight Jewels of Healing

The Medicine Buddha, the embodiment of healing power, manifested specifically to relieve the physical and mental illnesses plaguing beings. Here, we have gathered together the Eight Jewels of Healing. All the items have been assembled in accordance with the authentic teachings of the sutra and tantra, and are therefore the priceless representations of the Buddha’s teachings.

These eight healing objects heals through :

  1. Sight : Medicine Buddha Photograph with four special mantras
  2. Sound : Medicine Buddha CD containing a short explanation of Medicine Buddha by Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche and a short Medicine Buddha practice. Merely hearing these mantras and prayers has great healing benefits as is taught in the scriptures.
  3. Contact : Lapis lazuli bracelet mala
  4. Taste : Medicinal pills, which contains many amazing blessings, relics and consecrated substances from masters of the past.
  5. Wearing : Protection pendant
  6. Touch : Pendant of 10 semi-precious stones and the 3 precious metals
  7. Smell : Ninefold black protection pill
  8. Inhalation : Blessed powdered incense

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