Akara Mala bag

Malas, after they are blessed, are said to be extremely sacred as the beads represent your practice deity and its retinue. Therefore they should be kept well in a clean place, in particular your practice mala. Moreover, Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche advises that especially for your practice mala, the mala should be placed together with small amounts of precious stones and metals or medicinal herbs.

This particular bag is our own unique design. There is a special pocket to facilitate the keeping of precious stones, metals, medicinal herbs or other precious blessings. It is also double sided – you have a choice of which side you would like to use! The materials used are all sourced from Nepal from trusted sources - on one side the bag is made of rich raw silk and on the other side pure cotton. The buttons on the pocket is hand-made from coconut wood. 

Dimensions : 15.3 cm (length); 15.3 cm (width)

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