Tabletop Prayer Wheel

In our spiritual path the accumulation of merit is of the utmost importance.  Using a prayer wheel is a very skillful way of doing so.

Whenever we set in motion a prayer wheel, we instantly accumulate the merit of reciting as many prayers as there are contained in it. Our largest prayer wheel contains one hundred million mantras, which means that for every turning of the wheel we accumulate the merit of having recited that many mantras. Compared with the number of mantras we can recite in, say, two seconds, a prayer wheel is a fast and easier way to gather merit, purify bad deeds or karma, and fulfil our wishes and spiritual improvements.  

All of our prayer wheels are made out of high quality wood such as African walnut, mahogany and maple. Many different mantras such as the Six-syllable Mani mantra, Tara mantra, Seven-Line prayer, Medicine Buddha mantras are available. Each of the prayer wheels is lovingly handcrafted by practitioners from the Galgamani Art Project.

Dimensions: 9.1 cm (diameter); 20.6 cm (height)

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